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A Wide Range of Mobile Applications for iOS and Android Devices


I.M.D. Publicación develops a wide range of mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, mostly field guide and nature apps about the flora and fauna of various continents and geographical regions.

Apart from these field guides, many dictionary apps and solution apps for mathematical problems as well as learning apps for high school exams are part of our portfolio.

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Bird Field Guides

These apps have been design for birders of all interests and abilities and optimized for use in the field. From detailed illustrations to easy-to-use lists and descriptive data, these comprehensive apps make identifying and understanding birds easier and more convenient than ever before!

Flora and Fauna

Completely ad-free and usable without internet connection, these apps features an easy to understand user interface and show and describe the wildlife of various continents and geographical regions.

Food and Cooking

Recipes with precise the ingredient data and detailed step-by-step preparation for various cuisines and in several languages, paired with extensive information on the nutritional values, preparation and cooking times, are just some of the unique features of these apps.

Dictionaries and Languages

Here you find, for example, list and explanations of English proverbs and sayings and their German and Swedish equivalents, presented in an app with a modern, attractive and intuitively operated graphical user interface, including a quiz function to test your knowledge of English (or German or Swedish) proverbs in a game-like fashion.

Mathematical Solutions

The MC8 app contains all problems and solutions of the American Junior High School Mathematics Examination (AJHSME) from 1985 to 1998. Furthermore, it contains all problems and solutions of the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 8 for students grades 8 and under) from 1999 up to today.

SolLibEnDim is an app that contains detailed solutions to most of the exercises in "Exercises in one-dimensional analysis" by Månsson/Nordbeck that are used at Swedish universities and colleges. Here you will find clear, elaborate, suggested solutions so that you can get support at your own pace as you work through the exercises.

Learning for Swedish High School Exams

HP Verbal ORD is a dictionary of over 5000 words with explanations and "Quiz" feature for all ORD exams from Fall 2011 onwards.

HP Verbal MEK is a dictionary of over 450 words, with explanations and textual examples of the use of the words, taken from previous exams and "Quiz feature" for all MEK exams from fall 2011 onwards.

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